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Timisoara Business Center Hotels - Hotel Rooms

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Timisoara Business Center Hotels and Hotel Rooms


The Timisoara Business Center hotels listed on this page and in the following destinations are hotels of all price ranges that have a business center with equipment such as fax machines, copy machines, and internet access. Below you'll find Timisoara Business Center hotels and hotel rooms. Browse through the hotels a page at a time or use our Hotel Search to find the hotel with the perfect amenities for you.

Use the side navigation to for a quick hop to hotels with a specific amenity. In addition, you may find buttons for restaurants, camping, tourist attractions, and bed and breakfast inns.

Timisoara Business Center Hotels

Hotel Picture Hotel Name Hotel Type Rating Best Price* High Price* Description Check Availability
Hotel Valentina Timisoara Hotel Valentina Midrange Not Rated $30.60 $56.00 A Total of 16 Rooms Are On Offer Including Single Double and Triple Rooms and the Hotel Also Has a 24-Hour Reception Service a Moneychanger and a Car Check Availability
Angellis Timisoara Angellis Midrange Not Rated $80.90 $153.57 Built in 2009 This City Hotel Combines a High Standard of Service With Vigilant Attention To Detail. Guests Will Discover the Luxurious Comfort of Every Check Availability
Delpack Hotel Timisoara Timisoara Delpack Hotel Timisoara Midrange Not Rated $76.00 $86.00 Check Availability
NH Timisoara Timisoara NH Timisoara Upscale 4 Star Rated $72.25 $85.00 The NH Timisoara hotel is located in the heart of Timisoara close to the University and Poporului Park and seven miles from the Timisoara Airport. Check Availability
Casa DE LA Rosa Hotel Timisoara Casa DE LA Rosa Hotel Midrange Not Rated $77.00 $77.00 Check Availability
Arizona Hotel Timisoara Timisoara Arizona Hotel Timisoara Midrange Not Rated $81.00 $91.00 Check Availability
Hotel Lido Timisoara Hotel Lido Midrange Not Rated $49.00 $150.00 A luxury hotel in the true sense of the word LIDO Hotel is a stylish Four-star property in Timisoara. It Check Availability
North Star Continental Resort Timisoara North Star Continental Resort Midrange Not Rated $99.00 $120.00 North Star Continental Resort Hotel surrounded by greenery is ideally located in the heart of Timisoara within easy access to the major touristy spots Check Availability

* Prices available within the next two weeks
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