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Vanuatu Luxury Hotels - Hotel Rooms

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Vanuatu Luxury Hotels and Hotel Destinations


The Vanuatu Luxury hotels listed on this page and in the following destinations are hotels that have luxury hotel room rates and prices. You can compare hotel prices by checking the availability of the luxury hotel rooms. Below you'll find Vanuatu Luxury hotel travel and vacation destinations. Click the links to drill into a specific destination or use our Hotel Vacation Destination Search to find your next vacation destination fast.

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Featured Vanuatu Luxury Hotels

Hotel Picture Hotel Name Hotel Type Rating Best Price* High Price* Description Check Availability
The Havannah Port Vila The Havannah Luxury Not Rated The Havannah is located on the island of Efate some 25 km North-west of the nations capital Port Vila. The Havannah is Vanuatus newest tropical retreat Check Availability
Hotel Picture Hotel Name Hotel Type Rating Best Price* High Price* Description Check Availability
Lope Lope Lodge Espiritu Santo Lope Lope Lodge Luxury Not Rated Welcome to Lope Lope Adventure Lodge. Set on 8.5 hectares of lush tropical forest a natural blue hole and fresh water creek forms our northern boundary Check Availability

* Prices available within the next two weeks
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